1.96.96 Helpline

The 19696 helpline, for both children and adults, is a free service that receives requests for help from all around the country 24/7. In particular, it provides:

  • Listening and practical support to children and teenagers under 18, concerning any issue or need related to either troubling situations or emergencies.
  • Counselling and support to the families or adults who want to discuss any topic related to childhood and adolescence.

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The 114 Childhood Emergency service, adds to the traditional telephone line a multi-channel listening service.

The 114 Childhood Emergency service, promoted by the Department of Family Policy – Prime Minister’s Office, has been managed by Telefono Azzurro since its set up in 2003. Since then, Telefono Azzurro has managed, through the 114 Service, over 20,000 emergency cases. 

It receives and manages reports, from both adults and children, of situations of distress, abuse, danger or emergency to the detriment of children and young people, interfacing with the network of territorial services that protect children and adolescents.

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Telefono Azzurro provides a hotline service, managed by the 114 Childhood Emergency, to report illegal or potentially damaging materials to protect children and teenagers. The Service aims to offer practical instruments to fight paedophilia, abuse, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and any other phenomena that harm children’s rights.

Through the specific online form, it is possible to gather reports of materials found on the Web or in the media and intervene accordingly.

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The 116000 European Hotline for Missing Children has been active in Italy since 25th May 2009 – the first International Missing Children’s Day. It is an emergency hotline entrusted to Telefono Azzurro by the Italian Ministry of the Interior through a Protocol of Understanding.

The 116000 Hotline receives reports related to missing children (runaways, abduction, kidnapping), possible sightings, or findings and offers free and immediate support to those affected. 

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telefono azzurro progetti scuola educazione formazione

As an organisation accredited by the Education Ministry, Telefono Azzurro offers, through both online and offline initiatives, learning and preventive activities aimed at teachers and students on various issues such as bullying, abuse, Internet safety, multiculturalism and children’s rights.

The Protocol of Understanding signed with the Ministry during the Safer Internet Day 2019 reiterates Telefono Azzurro’s commitment to collaborate with the education and training system to study and implement methodologies and good practices to prevent, reduce and fight early school leaving, any form of discrimination and exclusion, and any kind of youth problem in all their forms and expressions.


The Safer Internet Centre (also known as SIC) is a project co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – Telecom programme. In Italy, the project is called Generazioni Connesse (Connected Generations) and it is one of the most significant initiatives of the Italian Ministry of Education to promote Internet safety and responsible use of the Internet and of new technologies.

Telefono Azzurro is a member of the Executive Committee of the project which, together with the Italian Ministry of Education and Save the Children, coordinates the different activities held by the Safer Internet Centre consortium. The SIC is tasked with increasing the awareness of positive and safe use of the Web and the digital platforms.

Visit su generazioniconnesse.it

Maestri d'Italia, Risorgimento Digitale

Telefono Azzurro took part in the “Maestri d’Italia” initiative, a cycle of online lessons aimed at introducing digital culture into Italians’ homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, both through the participation of public figures and educational formats tailored even for young children, raising awareness on the full Internet potential.

The initiative was launched by TIM in April 2020. Telefono Azzurro professionals offered their expertise in our core topics, such as how to communicate with children during an emergency, cyberbullying and Internet safety.

During the COVID-19 emergency children and teenagers have been spending more time online than before. Even though, thanks to the Internet, they were able to attend school, meet their friends and play together, the increasing number of hours spent online may cause new problems.

Telefono Azzurro, in collaboration with the Department of Developmental Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome and Skuola.net, has created a mini-website to help to solve any issue related to the excessive use of digital technology.


Telefono Azzurro, in collaboration with Google and Altroconsumo, created to the “Vivi Internet, al meglio” (“Live Internet to the best”) Project to train teachers to a safe use of the Internet, through online and in-person activities. The initiative aims to promote digital citizenship among young people through an educational path for teenagers, their families and teachers. “Vivi Internet, al meglio” addresses five core topics: online reputation, phishing and fraud, privacy and safety, hate and online bullying, reporting of inappropriate materials. The high school teachers involved receive materials and tools useful to disseminate and promote knowledge related to Digital Citizenship & Safety. 

The project, set up in 2018, programmed the creation of an online course and a Roadshow through the entire country with the aim to train 30,000 high-school teachers. 

telefono azzurro amatrice

Emergency Interventions

On the field, we are close to children even during emergencies. Telefono Azzurro Emergency Team, born in 1999 in collaboration with the Traumatic Center of Yale University, operates during natural disasters together with the Civil Protection and other institutions. 

In cooperation with the Civil Protection Department, the organizatin intervened in 2016 and 2017 in Amatrice, after the earthquakes that severely affected the area,  to offer support for children, teenagers and adults with its trained volunteers and professionals operators, as previously seen during other emergencies in Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Molise.  


During the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in Italy, families and children found themselves in dire situations never faced before. Telefono Azzurro has staked any idea, tool which could help children, adolescents, the school and families to face this situation and find incentives to be able to deal with the future and start again thanks to new perspectives.

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Telefono Azzurro is actively involved in some of the main international networks for children’s rights protection.



Missing Children Europe



Child Helpline International



Code of Practice

















Child & Youth



Main Projects and Partnerships of Telefono Azzurro


    • Daphne Project, aimed at comparing the operating procedures of the main European helplines to promote a listening service based on the same values of quality and efficiency.

    • Ombudsperson Project, which promotes the figure of European guarantor for children’s rights and it aims to identify the minimum quality criteria to make sure that childhood services work according to the International Convention of Children’s Rights.

    • Hippocrates Programme, which favours best-practices to deal with young offenders.

    • Safeborders Programme, a European network to advance transnational awareness campaigns for Safer Internet for children.

    • e-Safe Programme, to develop interventions against the dissemination of illegal websites as well as innovative listening methodologies like for example synchronous and asynchronous communication on the Web (chat, email etc.)

    • Connecting Europe facility (CEF) – Safer Internet Programme, co-financed by the European Commission, and set up as Generazioni Connesse Project (SIC ITALY II), aims to make the Internet a safer place for younger users while promoting positive and responsible use of it.

    • Child Dignity Alliance, set up in October 2017 during the International Congress “Child Dignity in the Digital World” in collaboration with Telefono Azzurro, We Protect and Centre for Child Protection (CCP) of the Pontifical Gregorian University. Global experts are joined together with the aim to fight the risks and challenges of the digital world on various levels.

    • Insafe, a network promoted by the EU Commission as part of the Safer Internet Programme: it brings together the different stakeholders responsible for understanding the issues related to the online life of children and teenagers, promoting responsible and safer use of the Internet and new technologies.
    • EAN, European Anti-bullying Network, that helps to organise anti-bullying actions and creating a common strategy against the issue at European level.
    • Enable, a network coordinated by the European Schoolnet, including several countries, such as Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Greece and the United Kingdom. Its main objective is to fight bullying according to a holistic approach, in which teenagers are encouraged to actively exercise their rights at home, in school, in the classroom and among their peers. The network monitors the anti-bullying policies so that they reflect the interests of the students, making sure that these policies are then understood and implemented by the school community.
    • Not – Found Page Project, which uses websites “404 – not-found” pages (unavailable or unaccessible pages) to disseminate images of missing children.
    • Care Project, financed by the European Union, in partnership with The Smile of the Child, Brave Phone and Hope for Children, aims to prevent that minors victim of violence may suffer a second trauma during the investigation process, removal or placement outside their home. CARE wants to raise awareness about the trauma children can endure during these procedures and what it can be done by first responders (social workers, law enforcement, officials, doctors, carers) to reduce the stress levels linked to these proceedings.
telefono azzurro progetto bambini e carcere

Since 1993, SOS Il Telefono Azzurro Onlus has been implementing without any public funding, the Children and Prison (Bambini e Carcere) Project, with the aim to protect children whose one or both parents are currently in prison. 

For this project, the organisation has signed a Protocol of Understanding with the Ministry of Justice – Department of Prison Administration, which was renewed in 2019 for three additional years.

The minors in contact with the prison environment find themselves in a complex and delicate situation that is (and often remains) unclear and confusing for the child. More often than not the parents themselves hide their predicament to avoid the stigma.

In a system rigidly organised, requiring order and control by its very nature,  marked by regular rhythms and consistent attitudes, it is often difficult to consider, manage and especially promote certain “other” dimensions such as the realm of love and affection, the relationship with the outside world and the protection of children and adolescents who get in contact with this environment.

telefono azzurro centro studi

Telefono Azzurro has always been involved in the study and research of the main issues related to childhood and adolescence, believing that at the basis of any effective intervention there is always an in-depth study of the phenomena, a dialogue between theory and action and an exchange of good practices. Our action and project development, both for prevention and intervention, are rooted in research and study.

Best practices and shared knowledge lead the intervention on the ground at the national level, while being based on international scientific research and guidelines. The models used by Telefono Azzurro come from evidence-based skills and validated and reliable data, that guide the practice, with the aim to spread knowledge to children and teenagers, adults and professionals.

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