It is fine if you feel disappointed and saddened in realising that your child is directly involved in a bullying situation. However, try to stay calm, and take some time to think about how to deal with the situation and intervene effectively and concretely.

As a parent, it is never easy to accept that your child has behaved inappropriately  towards a peer. While some bullies do suffer from being bullied at home others have high levels of emotional uncertainty that can lead them to bully other children. Keep in mind that bullying is the result of a combination of factors that differ from one another and can vary from one child to another.  Sometimes bullies are being bullied themselves at school.

It is important to explain calmly to your child the impact that their behaviour is having on others and that such behaviour is wrong..

Some bullies try to explain their behaviour through blaming other children and especially their victims.  Not withstanding the fact that if they are being bullied then you need to act to help them to as victims.

Discuss the factors and consequences of bullying in an open and relaxed atmosphere and ask her/him how s/he would feel if s/he were to be treated the same way by someone else.

In general, make sure your child has enough time and space to reflect and reason with you about her/his behaviour. Clarify with your child your expectations with how you will be expecting them to behave in the future. If you are involved with the school, then it will be helpful for you and your child to establish a written agreement about their future behaviour.

21 November 2019

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