Here’s some suggestions on activities you can set up while staying home:

  1. Play board games with the people who live with you, like your parents, siblings and grandparents;
  2. When was the last time you baked a cake or cooked your favourite dish? This can be a great opportunity to try new recipes, with a relative at home or with a friend through a video call;
  3. You can try new hobbies thanks to websites, YouTube channels and online tutorials;
  4. Try DIY and arts&crafts: it’s an amazing way to use your creativity and spend time with your loved ones;
  5. It’s important to train your brain too! Take advantage of this situation to learn about current affairs, culture and other topics you are not familiar with;
  6. You can’t be bothered to study? Plan to study together with your classmates through a group video call;
  7. Where did that pile of books you keep on your bedside table end up to? This could be the perfect opportunity to finish a book you’ve started and get caught up in a nice story;
  8. Don’t forget about physical activity: if you are lazy, try and involve a relative or a friend through a video call – YouTube offers lessons of any kind and you could find out to be an awesome athlete!
  9. Organise a scavenger hunt at home. This could be a fantastic chance to share a fun and interesting moment with the whole family;
  10. Use this time to organise and tidy up your wardrobe;
  11. Devote yourself to music. If you like playing an instrument, singing or composing music, try and compose new melodies or do some karaoke with your loved ones.

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20 April 2020

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