Keep in mind that the indicators listed below are not necessarily related to abuse. They may indicate that children are experiencing distress and difficult conditions, therefore they show their discomfort as a result of multiple problematic situations. Victims of abuse can show several of these behaviours, but it is also possible for them to show none. It is important not to consider the single indicator as a specific sign of abuse, you need to also consider what else maybe happening to that child, before concluding a child is a victim of sexual abuse,

Such signs to look out for in a child can be:

  • becoming very reserved and introverted.
  • increasingly worried if they are separated from their parents or anytime.
  • increase in nightmares, and / or difficulties in sleeping.
  • suddenly become very insecure.
  • having sudden anger attacks.
  • a significative change in eating habits.
  • show of unexplained fears of certain places or people.
  • showing regressive behaviours, usually sucking or peeing in bed.
  • an increase in secrecy.
  • Unexplained pain or redness in the genitals area.
  • Appearance of symptoms related Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

If these behaviours are isolated, they can be simple indicators of normal development and growth. If these indicators are simultaneously present, it can mean that something is wrong and that a child needs help; but remember not necessarily because they are a victim of sexual abuse.

17 December 2019

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