Any parental separation may result in children experiencing a significant change in their life and daily habits. They may feel uncertainties approaching can be very stressful and the following situations can occur.

You may see understandable changes in your child’s behaviour. For example, of the emotional uncertainty they are experiencing can be  irritability, aggression towards you or others, moments of extreme sadness, discomfort and crying.

Sleeping issues, eating disorders and an intensified search for getting in contact with someone in order to ask for reassurance and physical closeness may also emerge.

Internally, the child may experience the anxiety of feeling abandoned or the fear of losing both parents.

The child may also feel guilty about her/his parents’ separation, especially if the separation is not explained to them.

Children also often think that separation maybe temporary or may not happen at all, it is not unusual for children to live in hope that you will stay together.  In other situations, children may feel relief that you are separating, especially in relationships where arguments dominate.

-Subsequent changes in the family structure after the separation may develop a sense of confusion and loss of security in children and adolescents. Therefore, it is important to help the child to maintain family routines as much as possible, explaining that as parents you will continue to exercise their roles, maintaining a love, attentive and care relationship even after the separation.

21 November 2019

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