10 rules for online world risks protection:

  • Accept the digital world and integrate it your family world: banning Internet use is certainly not the best solution neither the most effective.
  • Involve the whole family in constructive conversations about Internet usage. Every opportunity is good to share activities and discuss any doubts or insecurities together.
  • Internet represents a great opportunity and it can be a space for constructive discussion and a means to convey positive messages. Help direct children to useful web content.- Help them reflect before writing/posting/forwarding and to apply common sense: remind them what is online stays online and the spreading happens immediately and can become viral.
  • Children’s identity is often established through the online world as well: children should be educated from an early age to manage their usage Internet and balance that against other learning and social opportunities off line.
  • Children actively build  friendships  online. Be open to talk about issues related to sexuality, explaining the importance of building relationships based on trust and consensus. Remind them that they should not do anything online with a friend that they would not do off line.
  • Support them in understanding that online reputation is a very important issue and that if they engage in inappropriate behaviour they may be adversely affected in the future.
  • Use privacy settings and security tools together to protect your personal information and data.
  • Teach the importance of knowing how to say “no” and the right to your own body as private property, even online.
  • Educate children to respect other people, both offline and online, and promote positive relationships, both within and outside of the family. Try and reflect and model the behaviour you expect to see from your children.
  • Talk about it issue children may be facing online: show your opennes to listen; create specific conditions that, if problems arise, children feel free to share their concerns and confident that you can help them.

21 November 2019

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