Become a skilful detective!

Follow your instincts: if what you’re seeing seems too crazy or sensational, maybe its aim is just to get likes. Check the profile of who has posted the news carefully: is it verified? Does it usually share hoaxes? If what you’re seeing doesn’t seem right, get informed, explore and verify the facts with someone.

Just because a post is shared by a huge number of people, it does not mean you should believe in what is says.

Fake news often get many likes because of their clickbait headlines (you know those titles like “Unbelievable! You have no idea what happened…”). It is possible that many people got tricked and shared the fake news themselves without realising it. Reliable and truthful news is not measured by the amount of likes.

Only share news you are sure is accurate.

We often post and share without thinking too much about it, in a flash! Even if it is cool being the one always on top of things, stop, check your information and think about how would you feel if someone shared lies about you.

You’ve got the power to block fake news too!

Remember that fake news become stronger through likes and sharing. If you learn to recognise the truth from lies, you can break this fake news chain! Set a good example, become a fake news hunter and help your siblings, your friends and schoolmates to defeat them!

Keep calm and ask an adult for help.

Talk with your parents, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents…with your whole family! Don’t be afraid to be judged, even adults can sometimes be tricked and believe to fake news. There’s strength in numbers, together you can expose fake news!

It is always worth it to talk to someone!

If you’ve got any doubts or questions about fake news, or you simply want to talk about it, Telefono Azzurro is here for you! You can reach us through the free number 1.96.96, or you can message us through the chat on the website An expert you can trust will be available to listen to you and give you some advice.

22 April 2020

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