Do you feel like reading the news regarding the coronavirus on social media and news platforms can be stressful? Has your daily routine drastically changed, due to the school closure, the interruption of sports and school trips? Is this situation all you talk about with your friends? These days you have probably found yourself facing confusing information that could have even caused you to panic. For this reason, Telefono Azzurro wants to help you offering a few good tips to make you feel better.

Check the news and keep yourself informed on the topic, but be careful to do so with moderation: a continuous exposure to alarming information will most likely increase your fear and make you feel more anxious, rather than well informed.

Observe the indications about personal hygiene: wash your hands often!

Remember you can talk with your parents, your family or any adult you trust, if you have any doubts or questions. They may not have an answer to everything, but they will be able to stay close to you and support you while you find your answer.

Organise your day and stick to your routine, make sure to follow meal and bed times.

Never be afraid to talk about your fears with others. Even if it’s not easy, it is always worth to share your feelings with others.

Allow yourself some time to keep in touch with friends and relatives, even from home! Stay in contact with your loved ones: web and social networks can help shorten distances!

Virus information can be overwhelming: evaluate with care and beware of fake news!

It’s important to start your day with positivity! Listen to your favourite song or do something you love.

Respect and follow the guidelines and regulations released by the Ministry of Health and the rules given by adults.

Use your time efficiently, balancing leisure and studies: it can be useful to make a schedule to organise your activities and to keep yourself active.

Still, if you feel the need to talk to someone, you can reach us through the number 1.96.96, it’s free and active 24/7! You can also find us on our chat, active at any time on the website

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20 April 2020

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