Report illegal or potentially harmful content found online

Using the forms at the bottom of this page, you can report illegal or potentially harmful content for children or adolescents found online such as child pornography.

Telefono Azzurro invites users to provide information relating to any illegal content found while browsing the Internet but not to take action in the search for further content or information, even for the sole purpose of reporting to Telefono Azzurro, since such proactive search would be considered a crime.

Indeed, private citizens are not authorized by law to carry out any investigation activities, as the latter is the exclusive competence of the Police.

We also remind to never to download child pornography material onto your own or someone else’s computer (the detention – even temporary – of child pornography material is illegal) nor to forward to Telefono Azzurro through this Service.

Only public emails and chats (such as conversations that took place in online forums) can be reported, private chats cannot be reported to Telefono Azzurro.

The report can also be made anonymously. In any case, the reports will be promptly forwarded to the Centro Nazionale per il Contrasto della Pedopornografia su Internet (National Center for the Fight of Child Pornography on the Internet), which will proceed with the investigations relating to the alleged offences, as this activity is the exclusive responsibility of the Judicial or Public Security Authority.

If you decide to provide us with your identification data and your contact details, the CNCPO may contact you to request further information on your report.

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