Parents are often worried  that their children can be bullied while growing up. Tackling bullying situations is not easy, both for children and for parents. The emotional  consequences for bullied children can have significant implications for their future relationships and overall well-being. Children who experience bullying can also suffer physical harm.

For these reasons, bullying of children is seen as an abusive act, it is important for parents to understand some of the indicators which may lead to bullying and the signs that might indicate that a child is a victim of bullying. Typically a bullied child may show signs of not  wanting to go to school, a deterioration in their school performance, a reluctance to talk to a parent about how their school day went..  With online social media activities, it is possible that the child frequently checks their accounts obsessively and has higher levels of secrecy.  They can also develop a tendency to become isolated and introverted.  , Physical indicators (such as bruises) that do not seem to have any accidental explanation may become more frequent. Other changes to the child’s emotional state may show itself in  insomnia,  low energy and changes in certain eating habits..

If as a parent you have concerns that your child maybe a victim of bullying and you are looking for advice or help in order to support your child in the best ways possible, then please do not hesitate to contact  Telefono Azzurro: our  professional experts will listen to your concerns and discuss with you possible ways you can help your child.

You can contact Telefono Azzurro at 1.96.96, we are open  24-hours a day and all calls are free of charge.

21 November 2019

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