React against violence is not easy but there are things you could do:

  • Try not to feel ashamed by the situation, it is not you who should feel embarrassed for the situation. There is nothing you have done or said which encouraged anybody to talk badly about you or to humiliate you. It is not your fault.
  • Don’t lock yourself. This is not the solution: on the contrary, this could make things worse and increase your sufferings.
  • Answering him/her back could get things worse.
  • Remember: who is violent needs to be helped because he/she does not know another way to express his/her own feelings and troubles: you should have in mind this, it could help you open up to an adult and be helped.
  • Asking for help is your right and it is the first step to solve the situation and regain serenity.
  • Talking about what happens with your family and/or with your teachers it is not snitching but, on the contrary, it could help alleviating your sufferings.

For any tips, call Telefono Azzurro: an expert you can trust – who knows kids’ needs – will be online to listen and help you.

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17 December 2019

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