Have you ever argued with a friend or made him/her a joke? It is common among teenagers who know each other. Bullying is not a joke, it is a physical and verbal violence implemented by someone who should be helped understanding the miscarriage of his/her actions.

Who is bullied, usually tends to believe his/her problem cannot be solved or understood by anyone, in any ways. It is not like this. Who is violent has a series of unsolved issues which he/she brings with him/her and that you can help solving.

If you are provoked, remember that it is always good to stay calm and not answer to his/her provocations. Trying to be smarter and funnier than him/her it is a nice idea: it would make him/her feel embarrassed. Responding to his/her provocations is never a good idea.

Bullying can be dangerous, pushing us to isolate. Asking for help can make a difference: a parent, a teacher or to the police. If you need help, call Telefono Azzurro: an expert you can trust – who knows kids’ needs – will be online to listen and help you.

You can find us calling the 1.96.96 for free, everyday h24, or by texting on this chat (available on this link) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 22.00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m.

17 December 2019

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