As an organisation accredited by the Education Ministry, Telefono Azzurro offers, either online or in schools all over Italy, learning and preventive activities aimed at teachers and students on various issues such as bullying, abuse, Internet safety, multiculturalism and children’s rights.

The Protocol of Understanding signed with the Ministry during the Safer Internet Day 2019 reiterates Telefono Azzurro’s commitment to collaborate with the education and training system to study and implement methodologies and good practices to prevent, reduce and fight early school-leaving, any form of discrimination and exclusion, and any kind of youth problems.

In any educational intervention offered by Telefono Azzurro operators and volunteers, raising awareness about the support offered by the hotlines is always central.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Telefono Azzurro educate people on bullying and cyberbullying in order to raise awareness on these phenomena and try to prevent them. The initiative includes workshops with students, with the support of toolkits for pupils of different ages with the aim of facilitating socialization to avoid the arising of situations that could lead to bullying. Likewise, some we hold workshops for adults, including specific programmes for teachers and other school personnel. All the activities prepared are based on intervention models supported by international scientific literature and match both Telefono Azzurro’s and its international partners’ mission.

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

There are many different activities aimed at promoting more responsible use of digital technologies by younger people, aimed at:

  • the development of knowledge and skills necessary for recognising web risks and ways to report illicit contents and possible dangers while surfing the Internet,
  • promoting the appropriate behaviour to use to develop proper digital citizenship.

The intervention programmes are designed and adapted to different age groups (from primary school to high school). There are also activities created especially for parents and teachers, with ebooks and specific materials.

Children’s Rights

The target groups for this project are pupils from kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Telefono Azzurro is planning a workshop inside the classroom about children’s and teenager’s rights mentioned in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989.

Games and stories are prepared for the younger kids, to make them focus on the selected topic and analyse its meaning.

Meetings for teenagers have been organised in different schools around the country, to educate students about their rights and the UN Convention, with a particular focus on digital-related rights.


Workshop about multicultural inclusion intended to value diversity as an opportunity to intercultural enrichment.

The prevention and awareness programme aims to recognize the difficulties that can arise from meeting the “Other” with their differences, but living these experience as unique opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment.

Accordingly, the activities aim to promote behaviours that can make the new student feel welcomed and enable a multicultural experience for the whole classroom.

For this purpose, the programme favours:

  • group work
  • cooperation
  • role play

in order to allow the manifestation of group dynamics and feelings arising from the arrival of a foreign child in the classroom.

The purpose of the workshops is to facilitate the integration process, through the development of welcoming attitudes toward the new pupil, based on the awareness and value of diversity.

For further information regarding Telefono Azzurro’s school-related project, you can write to

Would you like to be part of these projects?

Telefono Azzurro involves hundreds of volunteers around the country. If you wish to help us support children and teenagers, do not hesitate to write to us at Find out more

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